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  1. In praise of the incomplete leader (read this to understand the leadership model we use in our programme)
  2. Why leadership training doesn’t work (and why ours does :D)
  3. Building a high performance culture (using values to shape organisation culture)
  4. Transtheoretical model of behavioural change (this is the foundation in which we design our development programme)



  1.  Giving feedback with AIDE Feedback framework
  2. A basic conversation technique using the PDCA Conversation framework



  1. Team building promotional video
  2. Isaac Peter on TV with Hossan Leong talking about GeoCaching
  3. Our workshop participant’s experience
  4. Testimonial of our leadership workshop by a HR Director
  5. Experiential activity in action



  1. People Performance Introduction
  2. People Performance Team Building Solutions
  3. People Performance Organisation Culture Solutions
  4. Team Building Marketing Flyer
  5. New Manager Development Programme
  6. 2-day New Manager’s Workshop
  7. 2-day Leading & Managing Change Workshop
  8. 2-day Effective Workplace Communication Workshop
  9. 2-day Working With Different Personalities Workshop
  10. 1-day  Improving Performance Through Effective Feedback Workshop
  11. 1-day Developing Talent Through Effective Delegation Workshop
  12. 1-day Creating Focus With Effective Goal Setting Workshop