In-House Workshop

(Customized Learning Workshop)

Every organization’s learning needs are unique due to their culture, people and how they operate. Our customized learning workshops have been proven to be more effective than regular workshops. We design it from the ground-up to address your organization’s actual business needs.

Our Customization Process

Our 6 step customization process ensures your organization and employees learning needs are met.


A truly customized workshop starts by understanding your business needs and learning goals. Getting this done right will produce your desired result.


We will create a customized proposal which addresses all your stakeholder’s needs. We will outline our approach, framework and implementation strategy.


Organizational learning require buy-in from the employees. We will perform a needs analysis to align their expectation with the organization. 


Adult learning dictates that learning content has to be specific and relevant. This ensure the business needs and the employees needs are met through thoughtfully curated content.


Employees attend our highly engaging and fun-filled workshop where they experience mindset shift and pick-up the necessary skill to overcome their workplace challenges.


Post-workshop support has proven to help more employees apply their learning. Our experienced mentor will guide them with practical advise.

What Clients Say About Our Approach

"What I appreciate most about them is their sincerity in supporting our development initiative, their insights and recommendation into issues brought up by our leaders and their commitment to making the programme work. I would recommend Isaac & his team to any organization who wants to build a strong leadership culture and effective development programme.
Capt Harith Rahim
HR Director, EVYAP Sabun (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
"Isaac structured our teambuilding in a way that requires contribution from each of the team member. It created room for my staff to understand the relevance of working as a TEAM. But .... the most important was the FUN made us remember everything!!!"
Zaiman Ismail
Head of GBOP, T-Systems

Our domain expertise

We specialize in these 4 areas & we believe we can add value to your team. Here are some workshop title we offer. If you have a workshop need that is within our expertise but not listed here, why don’t drop us an e-mail?

Leadership development


Leadership is a critical skill in today’s VUCA business environment. Many individual contributors get promoted into a leadership role without the proper preparation.

  1. Leading & facilitating change
  2. Leading in a V.U.C.A environment
  3. Developing partnership with career conversation
  4. Developing talent for success
  5. Managing upwards
  6. Dealing with conflict
  7. Influencing skills for leaders
  8. Leading with NLP
  9. Developing strategic network for career success
Team development


Working well as a team needs more than just the desire. Team require a proper understanding, the mental maturity and the right skills to work together.

  1. Becoming a high performing team
  2. Working with different personalities at work
  3. Effective workplace communication
  4. Improving teamwork with RACI
  5. Organizing and facilitating high impact meeting
  6. Impactful presentation skills
  7. Business writing workshop
  8. Being indispensable at work
Leadership development


As the workplace become more digitize, the ability to connect at a human to human level becomes of greater value. Our interpersonal skill workshop will improve the ability of your employees to work more effectively.

  1. The S.U.P.E.R Workshop
  2. Effective communication at work
  3. Working with different personalities
  4. Making myself indispensable at work
Culture development


Every organization culture is unique. Beside the technical capabilities one bring the the organization, they need to know how to operate in alignment to the organization’s culture.

  1. The WOW Workshop
  2. Creating a high performance culture
  3. Facilitating culture change
  4. Creating a service culture
Mouse trap experiential activity

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