Development Tools

These are validated tools to assess your organization and talent with the purpose of developing them further. These tools are incorporated into our various learning solution that would provide them step by step guidance towards developing their personal development plan.

Why Do We Use Development Tools

2 key benefit of using development tools are it gives an objective evaluation of the current state and it provides information that is relevant to the development of individuals and organization. Objective evaluation ensures a higher level of buy-in from all stakeholders as well as the ease of agreeing on the way forward. A developmental tool also provide the necessary strategy in crafting a development strategy.

Tools We Utilize In Our Practise

Barrett Cultural Transformation Tool

This tool is a globally recognized tool used by industry giant and government around the world to manage and develop their culture. It does this by understanding the value system of the people. Organizations are then able to develop strategy based on this information.

The value proposition of this tool is, if organizations are able to embody more of their employees value in the workplace, the employees will go above and beyond to contribute to the success of the company. We call this discretionary effort.

For more on Barrett, click HERE to be directed to their website.

360 Leadership Feedback

A 360 

Motivational Maps

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DiSC Behavioral Profiling

Understanding self in the workplace often focuses on our behavior and action. This personality profiling tool measures


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