Behavioral Change Program

Behavioral change is a process. It does not happen by just attending a workshop.

Our behavioral change program focuses on helping learners change their behaviors using a blended learning approach. It is a structured program that focuses on equipping learners with the specific knowledge and skill, and guiding them in the application of those skills.

The result speaks for itself

Leadership Development Program

Trans Theoretical Model of Change

The Trans Theoretical Model of Change (TTM) developed by Dr. Prochaska & De Clementi provides the foundation for our behavioral change program. We have adapted it for the purpose of corporate learning.

The model clearly spells out what is needed to get a person to be willing to make the change as forced change creates unintended consequence.

Our Client's Experience

Our company involves in manufacturing of oil and gas equipments. One of the main pillars of the organisation is leadership team that will ensure the sustainability of the business. As my colleague recommended me to work with Isaac on the leadership program, we had a few discussions before I invited him to present the program to our top management. We decided to engage him for the program because we were interested with his plan to approach and engage with participants, from the beginning until the end and even after the program. Subsequently, we engaged People Performance for the second cohort of the same program, because we could see significant positive changes on some participants. At the same time, we could see that the working relationship between them has been improved. I highly recommend Isaac and his team if you are looking for a great leadership program!
Mohd Syakir Mansor
HRBP, Asiaflex Product Sdn Bhd

Our approach has been proven to increase the success rate in translating new learnt behavior back into the workplace.