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Our Workshops Focuses on Engagement

We focus on creating learning experiences. What makes our workshop highly effective is that we create a conducive learning space that is safe and positive. We achieve this by using proven learning activities and facilitative technique. Here are some of the methodology we use.


Facilitated learning

Facilitated Learning

This is the fundamental technique in adult learning. Facilitated learning is the process of helping learners learn through questioning approach and learners challenge their own assumption and belief in order to gain a deeper understanding of the content.

Experiential Activity

Experiential activity has been proven to be effective in adult learning. It uses the ‘learning by doing’ methodology. Using activity, it makes it easy for learners to grasp complex concepts into concrete learning through their own experience.

Learning Workshop

Group Work

Group work is another adult learning technique that invigorate the learning. Using social learning theory, group work enable learners to learn from each other and explore learning from different perspective and point of view.


Our energizers are more than just ‘having fun’. We use it intentionally to create a safe learning environment and increase the energy in the workshop. We also use it as a lead in into the learning session.

Video Learning

Video learning adds a different dimension to the workshop. It allows us to bring the external environment into the classroom through visualization. Video learning is incorporated into our workshops to spice it up.

Role play

Role Play

Role play is a simulated environment where learners can apply their learning in a safe learning environment.

When it comes to soft skills development, role play is a critical activity we use to hone our learner’s skill.

Engagement Activities In Our Workshop (YouTube)

Our Highly Satisfied Learners!

Fun customized workshop activities
Attended Isaac's workshop helps me in dealing with different personality using different approach. This enable a smooth process and effective end results. He also continue to share video with his participants after his workshop. If you need to polish in influencing other, you might give it a try!
Yee Peet Ving
Manager, Tokio Marine
Online programmes organised by People Performance have this "3D" feel, like regular face-to-face sessions! Isaac has a way of engaging with his online audience that makes everyone put on their thinking hats throughout and keeps energy levels constantly high. Content-wise, the knowledge shared was just the right serving size, not too overwhelming, yet prompts the participants to relate the concepts taught to their own experiences and encouraging reflexivity.
Tahirah Manesah Abu Bakar
Owner, Funktional Solutions
Mr Isaac is an excellent speaker, communicator and able to gel with course participants. He is kind hearted, open communication build trust and enable the session be educational and fun same time. I would personally attend his course or even buy his books in future for personal and professional development.
Nasruddin Bin Mohd Lazi
Senior executive, Honda Malaysia
I get to know People Performance from a colleague who engaged with Isaac Peter for a leadership program here in Johor. Our company involves in manufacturing of oil and gas equipments and located in Pasir Gudang. One of the main pillars of the organisation is leadership team that will ensure the sustainability of the business. As my colleague recommended me to work with Isaac on the leadership program, we had a few discussions before I invited him to present the program to our top management. We decided to engage him for the program because we were interested with his plan to approach and engage with participants, from the beginning until the end and even after the program. Subsequently, we engaged People Performance for the second cohort of the same program, because we could see significant positive changes on some participants. At the same time, we could see that the working relationship between them has been improved. I highly recommend Isaac and his team if you are looking for a great leadership program!
Syakir Mansor
HRBP, TechnipFMC

How effective is our workshop?

A key concern for many learners and organizations when attending or sending their employees for a learning workshop is the effectiveness. People Performance learning workshops are highly effective to level 2 on the Kirk Patrick four level of training evaluation. 

If you are looking for behavioral change, which is level 3 then checkout our Behavioral Change Program page.

Level 4 - RESULT

The degree to which targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training and the support and accountability package.

Level 3 - BEHAVIOR

The degree to which participants apply what they learned during training when they are back on the job.

Level 2 - LEARNING

The degree to which participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence and commitment based on their participation in the training.

Level 1 - REACTION

The degree to which participants find the training favorable, engaging and relevant to their jobs.