Culture Transformation For Competitive Advantage

Culture Transformation For Competitive Advantage

Three Layer of Organization Culture As Proposed By Edgar Schein

Organization Culture Model


What is Organization Culture

Every organization has a culture even if they think they don’t. According to MIT professor Edgar Schein, organization culture does not occur  in a single day, instead it is formed in due course of time as the employees go through various changes, adapt to the external environment and solve problems. Organization culture is the collective behavior that is practiced in the organization. In short, it is “how things are done here”.

Schein believe there are 3 levels in an organization culture:


1) Artifacts

These are the characteristics that can be seen or felt in the organization such as the office layout, decoration and employee’s uniform. It is the physical representation of the organization’s culture.


2) Espoused Values

These are the formalized values and behavior as espoused by the organization. It is often expressed in terms of the organization’s vision, mission and goals.


3) Assumptions

These are the belief system of the organization. It is the deeply embedded assumption about people and organization in the organization.

Can Organization Culture Be Changed?

The Answer is YES! Culture change is definitely possible. It requires a deliberate approach of practicing behaviors that reflects the desired culture. These behaviors need to be supported by processes and rules aligned to the desired culture. 

Our Culture Services

Culture building is a a highly complex intervention requiring the interaction between leadership, their people and organization structure.  Recognizing that every organization is unique, we have modularized our services to meet your needs. 

Culture Assessment

CVA Plot

Culture assessment provide you with useful information in terms of your current culture and desired culture. This will enable your team to have chart a course of action. We use Barrett Culture Transformation Tool (CTT) to achieve this.

Culture Design

Culture design

Culture design involves culture assessment and facilitating a culture design session with your senior leadership team. Using a design thinking approach, we will work with you to create a road map for you to achieve your desired culture. 

Culture Transformation

Culture transformation requires a careful execution of the various culture activities taking into consideration the emotional and psychological factor. We will work closely with you in the design and implementation of the various culture activites. 

Barrett’s Culture Transformation Tool (CTT)

Barrett Values Centre is a one of the foremost culture transformation companies in the
world. Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) have been used globally by Fortune
500s, governments, schools, communities and NGOs.

The CTT is a set of tools to help organization measure, manage and shape their culture. This is important in a culture building program because it gives a tactile feel to the culture. As the notable management guru, Peter Drucker said, “What can be measured, can be improved”.


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Case Studies

our Case study: a british multinational insurance company

The client is based in Singapore. They embarked on a culture change program to improve their customer centricity.

We designed a half-day communication program to onboard their employees unto the new culture using experiential activities. As part of the program, we engaged them through focus group to identify opportunities to increase the success of the culture change program.

our Case study: A Malaysian Public Listed Palm Oil export Company

The client’s production facility is located in Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia. Due to their rapid expansion upon acquisition, they wanted a program to develop They wanted a culture awareness program to promote their revised core values.

We designed an 18-month program to transform the organisation through value stream mapping, employee engagement survey, bench marking exercise and a leadership development program.