We Develop & Equip Your Employees With The Right Skill & Mindset To Get Work Done.

We provide customized learning workshops tailored to your organization’s business needs in the area of culture, leadership and team development.

How You Will BENEFIT From Our Approach


Our workshops are customized to your actual learning needs to ensure results.


Our workshops are fun, experiential, highly engaging and never a dull moment.


Our workshops uses behavioral techniques and learner-centered approach.

What Makes Our Approach EFFECTIVE

personalized learning

We engage learners before the actual workshop to understand their challenges and learning needs. We then develop the specific content for their workshops.

tailored to learners

Having worked with employees from all level of the organization, our content is developed suited to their level. The content is simpler for operation employee and become more complex for leaders. This is to ensure they are engaged at the right level.

facilitated learning

Our facilitators are trained to engage learners using adult learning methodology which is improves learning retention and application back to their work.

fit for purpose

We have workshops and development program suited to your needs based on Kirk Patrick level 1 up to level 3

New manager development accelerator program
Learners graduating from their 6-month emerging leaders development program
Fun customized workshop activities
Learners having fun with a high energy energizer in our workshop

Video Testimonials

Here’s what our learners have to say about our workshops

Communication Workshop

Communication is not just about skills. It involves having the right mindset. Listen to our learner share her experience.

Leadership Workshop

Leadership training is not just about the content. What differentiate our workshop is the quality of our facilitators. We listen to our learners and work closely with them. Listen to our learner share his experience.

Leadership Development Program

Our Leadership Development Program focuses on improving the behaviors of our learners. Many short term program fail to do this because it lacks the behavioral change element. Listen to our learner and how the program helped her make the change so she is a more effective leader.

Train The Trainer

Being a trainer is not just about knowing the technique. It is about understanding the learner and using a behavioral approach to help learner create the needed mindset shift, use the appropriate framework and contextualize the content. Listen to our learner who attended our train the trainer workshop.

Our Workshop Category

As our learning workshops are highly customized, our approach is to arrange for a call with you to understand your need before presenting you with a proper proposal. Connect with us if your workshop request falls under one of this category.

Culture development
Leadership development
Team development

Quality Assurance

Your workshop engagement and learning quality is highly assured as our learning facilitators are certified in the People Performance Learning Facilitator Competency Standard. Here are 5 competencies our facilitators possess:

Facilitating learning

1) Commitment to the learning outcome.

2) Create the right condition for learning.

3) Establish a safe & motivating learning environment.

4) Engage the learner in the learning process.

5) Manage challenging situation.

Listen to the testimonial of our learners

Our Partners

Our success is made possible because of the strong partnership we have with the following partners. Do check them out.


This tool has helped our learners to be more self-directed by developing their personal motivational strategies an understanding others better.

Behavior Profiling

This tool has helped our learners accelerate their ability to adapt to others and interact more effectively by understanding their preferences. 

360 Assessment

This tool has helped our learners to be more committed to their professional development by receiving constructive feedback of their stakeholders.

Learners forming their groups during an indoor teambuilding program.

About Us

People Performance is a people & organization development company. Established in 2012, we exist to support our clients in growing their business by providing the RIGHT mindset & skills to their employees.

We are founded on the principle of client-centricity, practical solution and purposeful learning.

We differentiate ourselves by ensuring our solutions are customized to our client’s actual needs instead of just following the latest trend and fads.