Transformational Leadership Development


Transformational Leadership Development

“Rise and fall of any organization is because of the leadership”

In today’s fast paced and agile business environment, transformational leadership is required for success. They create the right culture that makes people give their best. Transformational leadership is about leaders who lead from ‘who they are’ and willing to make the hard call for change.

We develop transformational leadership by developing new managers with the right mindset and equipping them with the right skills in a manner that is congruent with their organization. Our new leaders program and new leaders training will help you achieve it.


Transformational leadership development Program Offering

Transformational leadership development is a journey and we want to be part of your journey. Working with organizations from different industries, sizes and exposures we have created modularized learning to meet the needs of your organization. Checkout our offering and let’s have a chat!

Leadership workshop

 A) Leadership Skills Workshop 

Our learning workshop focuses on equipping learners with the right skill and mindset.

Our workshops are highly experiential, fun, highly engaging and relates to the learner’s real workplace issues. This result is learners retain the information longer and able to immediately apply their learning back to their workplace.

These are typically 1-3 days workshop where the process begins by us administering a learner’s needs understanding survey to the learners prior to the workshop. 

Learning effectiveness for our workshops are up to level 2 on Kirk Patrick.

Leadership Development Programme 

 B) Transformative Leadership Program

Our transformative leadership program is highly customized to meet your organization’s needs.

This is the program for organizations looking for new managers training with a behavioral outcome. We incorporate psychometric and personality tool to help the leaders understand themselves better and develop a customized leadership development plan. Besides learning workshop, there are individual assignments, coaching and mentoring built into this program.

The duration of our programs are between 4 – 8 months. 

Learning effectiveness for this programme is up to level 4 on Kirk Patrick.

Transformational Leaders Engaged Through Fun In Our Learning Process

Transformational leadership

Hear What Our Learners Say About Our Workshop


“What I appreciate most about him is his sincerity in supporting our development initiative, his insights and recommendation into issues brought up by our leaders and his commitment to making the programme work. I would recommend Isaac to any organization who wants to build a strong leadership culture and effective development programme.”

HR Director, EVYAP Sabun (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Our Transformational Leadership Model

A leadership model helps in accelerating the development of leaders because it acts as a compass in their transformational leadership development journey.

We have adopted the Distributed Leadership Model from MIT Sloan School of Management which is highly relevant to today’s business needs that requires leaders to be agile,

This model was created by Prof. Deborah Ancona, the director of at MIT Leadership Center and her colleagues. The team views leadership as a set of four capabilities. The leadership signature focuses on the leader’s unique way of executing their role.

Transformational leadership