A mid to long term development program designed specifically  to support emerging leaders and new manager to transition into their new role.

This program focuses on creating sustainable behavioral change in the learners.



HODS reported noticing change in their new manager's behavior even after the program has ended.


Learners stay committed to the program and work to apply their learning to their workplace.


Our team will provide all the necessary administrative and logistical support to ensure the program's success.

Our Learner's Testimonial

Listen to Rosalind share how our development program has supported her in becoming a more confident manager when she was thrown into the role of a people manager.

Our NEW MAP Program Feature

Our program utilizes a blended approach to produce the desired behavioral change. This is achieved using positive psychology and applied neuroscience in the design of our program to create a truly learner-centric program.

1) Psychometric & Developmental Tools

We use validated psychometric tools to ensure learners receive reliable information in developing their leadership and managerial skills. Among tools we use include 360 leadership feedback, behavioral profiling and motivational assessment.

2) Stakeholder Engagement

We recognize the importance of involving stakeholders who have a major influence on the learner. We involve them from the start so they are able to provide timely feedback to the learner. This ensures the learning get applied back in their workplace.

3) Personalized Learning

While learners journey through the program as a cohort, the learning is tailored to the individual learner. This ensures every learners benefit from this program.

4) Highly Engaging Learning Workshops

Our workshops are highly engaging, experiential, fun and practical. Our facilitators work to draw out the learning from the learners and the active participation increases learning retention.

5) Support System

Achieving behavioral change goes beyond the individual will power. The program is designed to provide the learners with the necessary support during the program. This increases the learner’s commitment and confidence in applying the learnt skills.

Interested to know more how we create the desired behavioral change in our learners?

Our Learner's Testimonial

Listen to Su San share how the program has transformed her mindset and enable her to ‘do what is necessary to get the job done’. It has also enabled her to manage her line manager.

NEW MAP Learning Module

NEW MAP learning modules consist of primary and secondary modules. The PRIMARY modules are core content that are required for any first time managers as it lays the proper foundation. The SECONDARY modules are important skills once they have mastered the PRIMARY modules.


A) New Manager Workshop

This module help learners transition into their new role. It equip them with the right mindset, self management, communication and focus on the right activities as a new manager.

B) Leading & Developing Talent

This module equip learners with the right perspective, knowledge and skill to lead and guide their talent. The focus is on their talent

C) Conducting Performance Appraisal

This module introduces learner to the concept of performance management and equip them with the knowledge and skill to perform a proper performance appraisal.


A) Developing A High Performance Team

This module equip the learners with the knowledge and ability to develop and nurture their team to be high performing. It focuses on creating the right team culture.

B) Leading & Facilitating Change

This module equip the learners with a proper change management approach and the skills to lead their people through an organization change.

C) Impactful Presentation Skill

This module equip the learners with the skills to design and deliver an impactful presentation to their relevant stakeholders. They will learn how to develop their presentation material, increase their confidence and use manage challenging questions.

D) Career Conversation For Managers

This module equip the learners with the skill to engage their talent through a proper career conversation that is engaging, meaningful and mutually beneficial for them both.

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