Nurul – Performance Management Specialist

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Nurul Fathiyah Abdul Muet

Performance Management Specialist

Performance Management Specialist



  1. Masters of Business Administration, UiTM
  2. Bachelors of Multimedia (Software & animation), Multimedia University


Professional Certification

  1. Certified Virtual LearnCaster Practitioner & Trainer
  2. Certified Professional Coach
  3. Certified HRDF Trainer
  4. Design Thinking & Innovation
  5. Certified Human Resource Professional
  6. Certified KPI Professional
  7. Talent & Competency Professional


Nurul Fathiyah has more than 18 years of experience in Performance Management and Learning & Growth, having worked in Consulting firm, Start-ups, IT,  Oleochemicals and Electronics industries.  Over the last 6 years, Nurul has helped a number of organizations in Malaysia and Indonesia to improve their performance management practices, and have successfully delivered many training program and coaching sessions. Having witnessed many success stories, she is happy to share both best practices and lessons learned.

She is passionate about people and performance. She enjoys talking to other people and listen to their stories. She loves to be able to help other people realized their potential and excel in their performance professionally and in life.

Personal Style

Nurul Fathiyah’s top 3 values (based on Barrett’s Personal Values Assessment report) are adaptability, balance (work/home) and coaching / mentoring . Be curious is her mantra. She applies the power of curiosity to navigate through changes, to explore different possibilities and to expand the potential of the individual or the team she works with. 
In person, she enjoys both humor and hot chocolate. 

As a coach, she aspires to uncover the “superpower” hidden within the individual, and guide them to hone this strength and boost their quality of life.

As a trainer, she enjoys engaging with the learners and always thrive to create an environment that accelerate the transfer of learning.

As a consultant, she look for the opportunity to co-create and collaborate, to get to to the solution.

Skills & Expertise

  • Balanced Scorecards
  • 4 Discipline of execution
  • Performance Coaching & Conversation
  • Virtual Training
  • Presentation
  • Storytelling
  • Train the Trainer
  • Competency Development

Click here to drop Nurul an e-mail if you would like to know more on performance management.