What Do You Seek

At People Performance, we believe in the principle of ‘beginning with the end in mind’.  Our team intervention is categorised into 3 types:

These are 1-2 day programme focusing on building team spirit, mindset shift and creating shared experiences.

These are 1-2 day workshop focusing on skills for team to work more effectively using proven team framework.

These are 1-2 day programme focusing on helping the team to reflect and plan for their team.


RESULT – Team member’s ability to be focused on the team’s goal.

SENSING – Team member’s awareness towards change that may affect their team goal.

ALIGNMENT – Team members are aligned to each other and know how they affect each other.

CONFLICT – Team members are able to share different perspective and disagree while maintaining objectivity.

RESPONSIBILITY – Team members are able to account for their action and decisions made.

TRUST – Team members are capable of being vulnerable with each other.

Our Learners Fully Engaged Using Experiential Learning & Having FUN


“The team programme organized by Isaac was structured in a way it requires contribution from every team member.  It created room for my staff to understand the relevance of the specific topic and work as a TEAM. It gave them the opportunity to reflect actual scenario back at work. But…. the most important was the FUN made us remember everything!!!”

Head of GBOP, T-Systems (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

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our Case study: a german telecommunication company

The client needed to improve the working relationship among their global operation team as it was affecting the team performance.

We designed and delivered a 2-day programme that bridged the differences among team members by understanding their behavioural style and identify strategies to adapt to each other. The team also created a ‘team agreement’ that facilitated their future meeting so it is more objective and action oriented.

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our Case study: singapore’s first integrated resort

The senior leadership team wanted a session for the pre-opening team to de-stress, reflect and improve their working relationship.

We designed and conducted a 2-day team programme where the team reflected on their experiences together over the last 4 years, improve their working relationship using a behavioural profiling tool and conquered a 20 meter tower as a team.

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