Developing High Performance Organizations Using Innovative Leadership, Team & Culture Development Methods Is What We Do.

We take a holistic and practical approach in developing high performance in organizations. We use neuroscience, positive psychology, behavioral change and neuro-linguistic programing(NLP) in our program design. 

Developing a high performance organization is both an art and science. Based on Boston Consulting Group’s analysis, there are 5 factors when developing a high performance organization; leadership, design, people, change management and engagement & culture. Here’s BCG’s article on what a high performance organization is.

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Develop Your Organization’s High Performance Culture With Us

We approach developing high performance organization with our clients by first understanding their needs, challenges and their organization’s current DNA. No two organizations are the same even if they are in the same industry and offering similar products and services.

Clients love working with us because of our attention to their needs first instead of trying to ‘push’ services to them. Based on our experiences with multinational companies and small and medium enterprises, we are providing 3 areas of services; leadership, team and culture.

E-mail us today for a conversation so we can guide you through your journey towards being a high performance organization.

high performance leaders

Developing high performance organization starts by having high performance leaders who are aligned with the organizations.

The mindset and capabilities of leaders today is vastly different from the past due to the speed of doing business and people are getting smarter.

As a leadership specialist, our focus is developing leaders who caring, have high EQ and values driven.

We have adopted the distributed leadership model developed at MIT’s Sloan School of Management as it is highly adaptive and relevant to our VUCA environment.

high performance team

High performance organizations require high performing teams who are clear of their goals and aligned to the organization.

In a fast paced world, the ability to work as a team is even more critical today then ever!

Click here if you want to know the basics of a team.

As the team specialist, we work closely with our clients to diagnose their team challenges, equip them with the necessary team skills appropriate to their situation and support them in creating high performing teams. 

Checkout our propriety Self-Directed Team Model and how it can take your team to new heights. 

high performance culture

High performance organizations are clear of their organization culture, communicate those culture in a relatable way and engage their talent constantly to achieve the organization’s goals.

Organisation culture is a BIG word that means many things to different people. Ultimately, culture is ‘the way we do things around here’.

Our clients appreciate our expertise in developing their culture in a meaningful and practical manner. We are certified to use Barrett’s Culture Transformation Tool to assess your current culture and work with you to develop your desired culture.  

We Don’t Just Provide Workshop, We CREATE Experiences!

What differentiate a good program from a GREAT program is ‘the experience’. Be it a learning workshop, a focus group, a town hall, we create experiences your employees WILL REMEMBER for a long time.

High performance organizations

Memorable learning experience

We remember memories because the experiences were amazing. 

We create learning journey which leads to memorable learning experiences. The experiences are crafted to fit our client’s 

Hear the amazing learning experience our learners encounter.

High performance organizations

Addresses Learners real Issues

Adult learners learn in order to solve their actual challenges. Our workshop design incorporate a ‘learning needs survey’ which allow us to understanding their needs and thus enabling our facilitators to work with the learners on actual problems.

Hear what our learners say about our workshop.

High performance organizations

Fun & highly engaging learning

Research in neuroscience shows knowledge retention is highest when learners are having fun and engaged throughout the learning process. Our workshops incorporate such element intentionally while being focused on the learning objectives.

Check out fun and engaging activities in our workshops .

Testimonials From Our Learners

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We have Written Testimonial too…


“Isaac was like a friend – he facilitated the two-day sessions in a very friendly and relaxed manner. My learning and take away from his session was very good largely due to his creative manner of facilitation – it was fun and not boring at all. Overall, Isaac has a likeable personality.”

HR Manager, Energizer Singapore


“Clear and precise explanation, straight to the point. Learning with fun activities. High level of participation from everyone”

Senior Manager, EcoWorld Development Group Berhad


“What I appreciate most about him is his sincerity in supporting our development initiative, his insights and recommendation into issues brought up by our leaders and his commitment to making the programme work. I would recommend Isaac to any organization who wants to build a strong leadership culture and effective development programme.”

HR Director, EVYAP Sabun (M) Sdn Bhd